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Holi 2021: Holi is becoming a wonderful coincidence after 499 years, a festival to be celebrated in Sarvarth and Amrut Siddhi Yoga

  • On the day of Holi, the Moon will be in Virgo, Jupiter and Saturn will be in their respective zodiac signs i.e. Dhan and Capricorn.
  • The duration of Holika Dahan will be from 6-36 minutes to 8-56 minutes on Sunday, March 28

Holi is celebrated with great enthusiasm every year on the Poonam date of the month of Phagan. Holika is burnt on the night of Poonam and Dhuleti is celebrated the next day. This year Holika Dahan will be held on March 28, while Dhuleti will be celebrated on March 29 in the morning. This time Holi will be special for other reasons. According to the astrologers, this time on the day of Holi, after 499 years, a wonderful coincidence of planets is happening. Find out more in this article about the special coincidences, dates, holashtaks and auspicious moments of the Holi festival in the area

Happy coincidence on Holi day: –

According to the astrologers, on the day of Holi, the moon will be in Virgo, while Jupiter and the god of justice, Saturn, will be in their own zodiac signs, i.e. Dhan and Capricorn. According to the astrologer, such a great coincidence of planets also took place in 1521. After 499 years, such a great coincidence will happen once again on the day of Holi.

holi dahan

This coincidence is also happening on the day of Holi: –

This festival of colors is also becoming two special coincidences in Holi. According to the astrologers, this time on the day of Holi, Sarvarthasiddhi Yoga and Amrut Siddhi Yoga will also take place. Both of these yogas are considered very auspicious.

Auspicious Moment on Holi Day: –

Holika Dahan will be held on Sunday, March 28. On this day, the moment of Holika Dahan is being announced from 6:36 pm to 8:56 pm. So its total duration will be 2 hours 19 minutes. Poonam Tithi will be on March 28 from around 3.30 am to midnight on March 29.

When is Holashtak: –

In Hinduism, all auspicious deeds are considered taboo eight days before Holi. This period is called Holashtaka. Holashtak lasts from Phagan Sud VIII to Holika Dahan. This time the Holika Dahan will be on March 29. So Holashtak will be from 21st March to 28th March. Good deeds are forbidden in Holashtaka. But the chores associated with birth and death can be done.

Why is Holashtak: –

According to Hindu mythology, Hiranyakashyap tortured his son Prahlad for eight days. Prahlad, a devotee of Lord Vishnu, had a lot of grace, so he survived every time, since then the tradition of celebrating Holashtak 8 days before Holi has been going on.

How Prahlad’s life was saved: –

Hiranyakashyap’s sister Holika was blessed that she would not be affected by the fire. At the behest of her arrogant brother, Holika took her nephew Prahlad and sat in the fire, but by the grace of Srihari, Prahlad’s life was saved and Holika was burnt to ashes.


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