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Exercise For Strong Lungs

Exercises That Improve Lung Capacity

Lungs provide pure oxygen to the body. Every activity in the body is dependent on oxygen, including the metabolic functions of cells. Lungs carry oxygen to every part of the body, and some exercises help the lungs to absorb better oxygen in the air you breathe.

Lung exercises provide ways to make your lungs more efficient at managing airflow and oxygen levels. Many people want to know about exercise for strong lungs. Here are 8 easy exercises to improve the health of your lungs.

Exercise To Increase Lung Capacity


Aerobics plays an important role in increasing lung capacity by targeting large muscle groups at a rhythmic pace. It makes your heart and lungs strong and also plays a role in improving the endurance of the body. Therefore, the body will be able to use oxygen more efficiently, and it can also increase your breathing. You should go daily for a long brisk walk. Steady biking is another type of aerobic exercise that can help improve lung capacity.

2.Laugh and sing

Any activity that works on the abdominal muscles also targets the lungs. Both laugh and sing do this. Laughing not only increases the capacity of your lungs, but stale air comes out of the lungs, so that more fresh air can enter. Similarly, singing works on the muscles of the diaphragm, which can also help increase lung capacity.

3.Water-based exercise

Water workouts motivate your body to work hard as water acts as a source of resistance. It helps in strengthening the lungs. You can do weight lifting and stretching exercises in water.


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